Can I just walk in?

 Yes you can.  We accept walk-in traffic for tattoos when artists are available. However, we certainly recommend making an appointment to ensure that we can fit you in for the day.  We handle piercings only on a walk-in basis.  No appointment is needed.  Keep in mind that our piercers are also tattoo artists and may be working on tattoos when you arrive.  In that case, there may be a short wait while they finish the tattoo on which they are working or there may be other piercings that are in wait. 

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo/piercing?


  • As young as 16 with parental consent*
  • 18 w/o consent

*Note – all work under the age of 18 requires parental consent and presence.  Body placement subject to approval by artist.  Please bring photo ID for both parent and minor (school ID).

Piercings:  please refer to our piercing page on the main menu for a detailed breakdown

Do you pierce children’s ears?

 We certainly do.  We are a kid-friendly shop and will pierce ear lobes at any age (with parent consent of course), starting at infancy.  Here are a couple friendly suggestions that may help.  It’s easiest with very young children (under 6 months or so) before they start to really be able to hold their head and move around a bunch.  From there, the next best age is when they (the child) comes to you truly wanting their ears done.  It’s the in-between age that’s most difficult and so, on occasion with prefer to have both piercers available to do the lobes at the same time if possible.  This may mean a short wait at the shop and we recommend giving a call so we can best advise a good time to come by.

How does pricing work for a tattoo?


Pricing is based on size, placement and detail of the tattoo.  For larger pieces (multiple-sittings, sleeve, etc) our rate is roughly $150/hr.  Many people would like quotes on tattoos, and for our best guestimates, please visit the shop in person to talk with us about the various details of your piece.

Note:  We are a cash only establishment.  For your convenience, we have an ATM located in our shop.

Who handles the design for the tattoo? How does the process work?


Tattoo design is primarily up to you as the customer. If you have an idea in mind, go ahead and hunt down images online.  We want the process to be organic and flush together your thoughts with our expertise.

Come by and talk with one of our artists and we can help you decide on size, placement and details of the tattoo.  If you truly want a unique piece, our artists would be happy to draw up a one-of-a-kind design for you.