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The Legend of Smokey Banana

In ancient times, a banana was used to send messages from one tribal leader or Shaman to another. The message was scribed onto the banana, which bruised and turned black. The message was read, and the banana then consumed to show acceptance of the message while the peel was ceremonially burned.  Smoke carries the messages of spirits, linked to the banana to show its importance. The banana was carried by a trusted courier, but as it so happened one day, a lazy messenger stopped along the way and ate the banana, discarded the empty peel and thus, the message did not get delivered. This caused quite the misunderstanding and turmoil between two shamans and their people util they found out what had happened. Solution - was to the write the message on the messenger(tattoo), who was then devoured upon the acceptance of the content of the message. There you go, the origin of Smokey Banana.